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Post - Partum Depression

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Post-Partum Depression (PPD) is a set of symptoms that a woman can experience a few days to a year after giving birth. It is generally accepted that there are three areas of severity that are all associated with the overall term of PPD.

Some symptoms of “Baby Blues” are that of being tearful, anxious, moody, having a lack of concentration, nervous, exhausted, anxious, sad.  “Baby Blues” is usually lessened with time, sleep, support, and will usually resolve on its own.  Women are particularly vulnerable to depression after giving birth, when hormonal and physical changes and the new responsibility of caring for a newborn can be overwhelming. Many new mothers experience a brief episode of mild mood changes known as the "baby blues," but some will suffer from postpartum depression, a much more serious condition that requires active treatment and emotional support for the new mother.   

PPD occurs in 10 % of women and the symptoms and intensity can vary.  Some symptoms include,  feeling overwhelmed, extreme anxiety, panic, self-doubt, excessive crying, changes in appetite, fear of failure or being ‘crazy’, hopelessness, confusion, inability to laugh, insomnia, anger and mood swings.  

There is screening available during pre and post-natal doctors visits, however if you feel that you are suffering from PPD, consult with your physician to discuss a treatment plan.  PPD can escalate into negative outcomes for both you and your loved ones if left untreated.

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